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PiTTopper®, is a protective cover for outdoor fire pits is made of high grade Steel and Stainless Steel with a durable powder coat painted finish to cover your outdoor fire pit, fire table, or built in side burners year round.

PiTTopper® provides excellent all weather protection for your woodburning fire pit or natural gas fire pit. We offer custom sizes and colors to fit your need for your custom brick fire pit or DIY fire pit call us to get your custom quote +1.937.324.7510.
We also have a wide selection of PiTToppers® for your store bought fire pit. PiTTopper® will extend the life of your purchase. Keep the weather out with a PiTTopper®, square fire pit or round fire pit cover.

PiTTopper® is an attractive alternative to fire pit covers currently on the market which made from nylon or canvas fabric, can become worn and torn after time, lose the ability to adequately protect your fire pit from inclement weather. PiTTopper®'s design has allowed it to stay in place during severe weather with winds up to 55 mph.

Made in the USA.